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Can we help you sell your collection?

Wondering how much an item may be worth? Been a while since you’ve had an appraisal? From found treasures to curated collections, Witherell has the expertise and tools to help you evaluate your art, antique or object.

Fill out the form below, email [email protected], or call us at (916) 446-6490 and we’ll walk you through your valuation.

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Max. file size: 64 MB.
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Max. file size: 64 MB.

A Quick Step-by-Step on Selling an Item

  1. We evaluate your item, based on age, condition, provenance, and market conditions.
  2. We may make an appointment to view your item in person.
  3. We agree on a consignment, and you consign your item to us using a Consignment Form.
  4. We promote the auction in which your item(s) will be featured.
  5. We release payment to you no more than 45 days after a sale!

Tips for Selling Success

Snap smartly!

Make sure photos are in-focus and zoomed in on objects against a plain background.

Keep receipts!

Any documentation, like historical records, purchase receipts or prior evaluations are helpful.

Small parties, please.

If you have multiple items, keep them in small groups, photograph them against a plain background, and choose “Multiple/Varied” from the category drop-down menu. Tell us more in the item description box!